Flag Main Engines & Gearboxes Anchor Windlass Life Raft
Singapore 2 x CATERPILAR 3516B
diesel engines producing
2575 bhp each @ 1600 rpm
ciw 2 x YX- 3000 reverse
reduction gearboxes of 7:1 ratio
Double gypsies suitable for
Dia 28mm U2 chain local control
4 ton @ 12 m/min c/w
6 x 20 men
Year Built Generators Anchor Radar
2010 3 x 300 KW. Cummins
8V- 92TA. 380/3/50, diesel
driven generators
2 x 1020kgStockless type anchors 2 x X-band daylight type radar
c/w 6' scanner. FURUNO FR
1525 MK 2
Classification M.E Consumption Anchor Chain GMDSS
BV + I *Hull* MACH
Fire Fighting Ship / Supply
Vessel/ Anchor Handling / Tug
16.000 litres MGO and 53
@ full power. 9,000 litres
MGO and 26 litres tube oil
per 24 hours @ economic
cruising speed 01 10 knots.
2 x 440m x 36mm U2 steel One set
stud link chain
One set JRC MF/HF radio 250W
One set of JRC Inmarset C
One set of JRC VHF radio phone
One set of JRC Navtex Receiver
Overall Dimensions Generator Consumption Towing/Anchor Winch VHF
50.0M x 13.2M x 5.2M
360 litres MGO and 10 litres
lube oil per 24 hours
Electr-hydraulic waterfall double drum
Control at local and remote control
in wheelhouse.
200 tonnes brake capacity
150 metric tonnes on 1st layer
@ 15 metres per minute.
1000M x 56mm wire
2 x VHF/FM multi-channel
marine radio telephones
Designed Draft Propulsion Capstan Gyro & Automatic Pilot
4.50M 2 x CCP Berg
Dia. 2500mm. 4-bladed CPP
type manganese bronze in
Kort nozzles
2 electro-hydraulic at main deck aft
5 tonnes @ 15m/min
1 net fitted. Gyro-Yokogawa
1 Autopilot Comnav
GRT/NRT Steering Gear Tugger Winch Other Navigation Equipment
1092/327 Electro-hydraulic 2x3 tonnes torque
Two HPU fitted inconjunction with
Emergency hand hydraulic steering
In steering gear compt
Control at FRD & AFT console

2 electro-hydraulic at main deck aft
10 tonnes @ 15m/min
,Radar Transponder.
Fog Horn Signal.
GPS Navigator.
Colour Echo Sounder,
Magnetic Compass
Weather Facsimile Receiver
Doppler Speed Log
Clear Deck Space Bow Thruster Stern Roller Fire Monitors
20M x 10M Propeller dia 1100mm. CPP
Diesel engine 350KW
Control at FRD & AFT console
Dia 1.6m x L 4.0m SWL 200MT 2 fixed foam/water fire monitors
of 1200 m3/hr © 120M tread
Fire pump of 1500m3/hr x 2
Deadweight Towing Pins & Shark Jaws Deck Crane  
800 metric tonnes Hydraulic SWL 200mt
Control at local and remote control in wheelhouse.

Electro-hydraulic Telescopic jib type
.SWL 2 tons @10M

Speed   Fendering  
800 metric tonnes   W-shape vertical hollow rubber fender
500mm x350mmfitted at bow
34 numbers tyres 1050mm x 450mm
Installed on both shipside

Bollard Pull   Fast Rescue Boat  
About 60 metric tonnes   One 6 men FRC  
12,000 N.M @ 12.5 knots      
Fully air conditioned for 34 men      
Fresh Water      
215 cubic metre      
600 cubic metre      
14 cubic metre      
16 cubic metre      
Details given in good faith and are believed to be correct but not guaranteed